Daily Archives: August 31, 2017

Back to School Treat – Cinnamon Rolls

When I first got married I would treat my new husband with the tube of cinnamon rolls that you get in the supermarket.  I remember fearfully trying to pop the can open, handling it as if it were an unexploded land mine that might remove a limb or at the very least shoot a projectile into my eye.  I still shiver in fear passing them at the market.  Flash forward a few years and we are at home with a toddler and I am pregnant with our second and I realize one can is no longer enough as my toddler gobbles up bun after bun (pregnant me might have had a few as well).  A couple more years we have two little ones and I am pregnant again and I realize that we either need to buy stock in Pillsbury or I need to learn how to make these things from scratch.  I found many recipes that were mostly the same with a few small differences and began to experiment on my own.
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