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Queso with Chorizo

Not much sounds better than a creamy, spicy, cheesy dip on top of a salty chip, and I can tell you not much tastes better either. I can’t even get this dip off of the stove before people start dipping chips into the bubbling cheesy dip right in the pan.  In fact, I like to serve this right in a cast iron skillet, reheating if it lasts that long, and getting it right back out to the party.   I use three different peppers (kinda) in this dip.  I say kinda because I use a jalepeno for that up front spice, then I use a pepper from a can of chipotle in adobo which is also a jalepeno but its been smoked and then packed in a tangy spicy sauce.  I also use a poblano pepper, and while it isn’t a very spicy pepper I just love the flavor of it.  Add to those peppers a little chorizo for another type of spice and smokiness and it’s a killer dip! I can get this dip put together in under a half hour and it can be made ahead and reheated.  I love anything I can make ahead for a party and this dip fits the bill.   Continue reading

No Waste – Stock

Two things I focus on as a stay at home mom are saving money and not wasting.  I am always looking for new ways to stretch a buck in the kitchen.   One way I do that is by trying to get as much out of whatever I buy as possible.  I like to freeze scraps and create meals out of leftovers and make stocks out of left over bones.  I am going to start by hopefully clearing up a few questions you might have about stock and broth.  Broth is a liquid made out of simmering meat in water for a few hours.  Stock is a liquid made out of simmering bones and maybe some meat for many hours.  Then we have bone broth, which for all I can tell is just another name for stock.  As with everything in the world many people have many opinions on how to make stock and what goes into it, and I will tell you what works for me.   I feel like homemade stock might be the best way to impart great flavor into your cooking and save money at the same time.  Plus the nutrients and health benefits of homemade stock far outweigh what you will buy in a can at the market.   Continue reading

Simple Egg Bread

My kids love this bread.  They love it just with butter after school or at dinner, or even more they love it as french toast.  This bread makes awesome French toast! I also love that this is a super simple bread to make, and it makes two loaves so we can have some at dinner and have french toast the next morning. Continue reading

Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes

My kids LOVE pancakes, but really what kid doesn’t? This recipe was created though because I wanted a pancake that I could love as well. I think my kids would be happy with any vehicle for syrup, one day I am tempted to just put cut up cardboard on their plates with syrup and see if they notice. I, however, need more than just a syrup sponge. I wanted a pancake that could stand up on its own. That just needed a touch of syrup and a little pad of butter and would still taste excellent. I also needed a pancake batter that would come together quickly, and that I could make with only a few sips of coffee in my system. I think I have met all of my goals with this recipe. I can get this batter ready in the time it takes for the griddle to heat up and it is super simple to put together. No sifting, or folding, or whipping needed; just a little measuring and a little stirring and you have beautiful, tasty, fluffy pancakes you would be happy to get at your favorite little diner. Continue reading

Cookie Dough Filled Chocolate Cake

This cake makes me think of that song from “The Sound of Music” when they sing about their favorite things.  I don’t know why whiskers on kittens is mentioned in that song but cookie dough isn’t, get it together Julie Andrews!  A few years ago I made my nephews this Brownie, Cheesecake, Cookie Dough creation that I really wanted to translate into a cake, something that made a little more sense than just tossing together three awesome desserts.  Since then I have grown and matured, and we now have a triple layer cake filled with cookie dough, frosted with a brown sugar frosting, coated in ganache, and decorated with cookies. Grown up cake, right??  Ok, maybe I am just a kid that knows how to use an oven, and has a few grays….and a couple smile lines….they are not wrinkles. Continue reading

Roasted Peach Salsa

Football season is here! I can’t claim to be the biggest sports fan in the world, but I love getting together with friends and family, eating tons of appetizers and desserts, and cheering on our team. My favorite part is probably the appetizers and desserts, if I have to be honest. Usually by the last quarter I am snuggled up on the couch sound asleep. I think maybe I enjoy the best naps during football season.  The amazing coincidence of football season starting up right as the tomatoes are ready to be picked is just too awesome to be ignored and we need to make some salsa. So I call up my mom and tell her to bring over some of those tomatoes stat!  HAHA, did you think I had a tomato garden??  My yard is filled with holes – last I checked the children are burying dragons eggs (one would think that burying something would involve the holes getting filled in). Any way I call my mom for her wonderful fresh tomatoes and she hooked me up.  I also use peaches for a little bit of sweetness to battle the heat of the peppers.   I love roasting everything before I start for the flavor it brings out of the fruits and veggies. Continue reading

Simple Balsamic Salad Dressing

So, when you eat as many cupcakes as I do you need to eat a few salads to balance things out.  It is a good thing that I really love salads, shh, don’t tell the cupcakes.  I used to be a strict garden salad with ranch dressing kind of girl, but as I have gotten older my taste buds have shifted to include all sorts of variations of the simple salad.  My favorite combo currently is baby spinach, goat cheese, walnuts and dried cranberries with this balsamic dressing.   Continue reading

Perfect Vanilla Cupcake

I realize that this title sounds a little conceited, but I really do love this cupcake.  This recipe is the product of so much trial and error working to find the perfect texture and flavor.   I wanted a cupcake that was light but wouldn’t immediately crumble in the hands of a three year old (ok, they still get squished but its not immediate).  I wanted a cupcake that the vanilla flavor was subtle and the sweetness wasn’t so much that it was overkill with the addition of frosting.  I really think this cupcake hits all of my wants.  I am super excited to get this recipe into the blog and I can finally throw away the envelope that I have had it written on with all of the notes and corrections.  All of my best ideas seem to be written on the back of junk mail, I don’t want to know what this says about me as a person. Continue reading

Oh Waffle!

On mornings when I am planning to make waffles I like to spend a few extra minutes in bed, just preparing for the chaos that will inevitably happen in my kitchen. It isn’t that waffles are that difficult or messy to make, but more that the kids will want to help. Waffles represent a fun time cooking with mom.  I love these moments, but they definitely take mental preparation, and coffee…lots of coffee.   This recipe has really evolved since I got my waffle iron at my wedding shower, oh so many years ago.  I started with just pancake batter in the waffle iron, and slowly have adjusted and read up on and practiced at making a flavorful and crispy waffle.   So let the insanity begin. Continue reading

Hubby is smokin so I’ll make the coleslaw

About once a week this lucky girl gets the night off from cooking and Mr. Insanity pulls out the smoker or takes to the grill. This week he smoked us up some awesome pulled pork. As we all slept he got up, and got to work on the coals and getting the pork ready to be smoked.  I am going to fill you in on some of the steps he took to get the pork ready before I even had my coffee.  If you don’t have access to a smoker then you can totally pop a pork butt into your crock pot to make pulled pork.  Anywho, he started off by drying off the pork, coating it with a bit of olive oil, and then liberally applying the rub.  Continue reading