Fun Homemade “Frozen” Cake

My baby girl just turned two, and after much discussion, her brothers, I mean she, decided she wanted a frozen cake.  The kids thought I should make an ice castle and all of the figures, but since I am a little more grounded in what my design abilities actually are, we decided on a mountain with store bought figures.  While this is a time consuming process, I think it is a cake that most people could recreate.  This cake doesn’t have any detail work and is basically just a blob of cake covered in fondant.  Here is the process including some of my missteps that will hopefully help you in your cake adventures.

I start with six layers of cake.  I made two ten inch cakes, two eight inch, and two six inch.  Next time i would probably do either all ten inch or half ten and half eight.  I was limited in the shape that I was making by having the smaller cakes.  I wanted to give my mountain some ledges and small peaks that I was unable to do by having the descending sizes. I baked these cakes the day before so that they were totally cool and would not fall apart.DSC_0176.JPG

I filled my layers with american buttercream.  I was attempting to have two different flavors of cake, which I probably won’t do next time.  The chocolate crumbs get all over the vanilla cake when I cut the cake down. DSC_0179.JPG

This is a basic mountain shape, right?  Bonus, you don’t have to make dinner on cake design day, look at all of these scraps that need eating!DSC_0180.JPG

I then decided to frost the mountain, at this point my design was lost and I had no clue where I was going.  DSC_0183.JPG

I am staring at this blob and I know it isn’t right.  Obvious next step would be to just dig into the cake.DSC_0185.JPG

This looks bad, but I can see it going somewhere in my head.  I should frost this, that would be the logical course of action, but I am confused and just proceed with fondant. I used white fondant, with two drops of blue food gel and one drop of black. I just kept kneading until the fondant was a uniform shade.  I added powdered sugar as I was kneading to keep it from sticking.

.Then on a surface sprinkled with powdered sugar, I rolled out my fondant.  DSC_0192.JPG

Onto the mountain blob that went.  DSC_0193.JPG

I smoothed the fondant onto the mountain and then got to work on another piece for my path.  DSC_0195.JPG

I then transferred the cake over to my board.  I have the cake on a twelve inch cardboard disk that helps with moving it.  I am using a large cutting board to hold my creation.  I used tinfoil to create little snow mounds.DSC_0201.JPG

I used buttercream to stick them to the board, and then I covered them in buttercream.  I rolled out my fondant and used a large piece to cover most of the board.  I rolled out smaller pieces of fondant so I could go all the way around the cake pinching the fondant seems together. I had one seem right in the front so I put Olaf there with a little pile of fondant snowballs.  I also used buttercream around the mountain to cover the seem thereDSC_0204

I also spread a little buttercream on the sides of my path to try and smudge the snow into the mountain.  I picked up a pack of frozen figures at Target and put them all around the cake.   For the “Ice” on top of the mountain I made glass candy that I dyed blue and stuck the shards into the top of the mountain. DSC_0205



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