Daily Archives: February 15, 2018

I failed blogging

For those few people following out there on the interwebs, it is painfully obvious that I am a complete blogging failure. When I started this endeavor in September I was going to post at least three new wonderful, creative, yummy recipes every week, HAHAAHAAA! That soon became two, then one…..then none. Birthdays came, then holidays, then every one of my children became walking Petri dishes of viruses and bacteria and grossness and I stopped, I came to a screeching, crashing, burning, halt. What happened next? I was embarrassed, I failed, I was a miserable failure and couldn’t even face opening up the program to type again. I didn’t stick to my plan, I allowed my life to get in the way, and I was totally ashamed. I am a mom, I am a woman, I should be perfect right?! I was recently telling one of my girlfriends to not put so much pressure on herself, she was doing a great job and no one else sees the minor imperfections that are glaringly obvious to herself, but here I am totally refusing to see that. So, what now? Give up? Pretend I have been blogging all along and just post a new recipe (tried that) or own that I am just a crazy mom in an insane house doing my best and that is totally ok. I want to create new and fun recipes for myself and for my small group of followers, and I am going to get back to that, but I think I might start sharing a little about what goes on around here from day to day as well. Maybe someone will read this and realize that we are all imperfect and struggling and that’s ok. Maybe this will help motivate me in some areas of life that need some serious motivation, and maybe I will fail at blogging again, and that’s ok too. My current goal to share a new recipe every Monday morning. I am feeling confident about this schedule….but who knows what will happen between now and Monday right?

As far as the sharing goes, I think it will be good for me to share occasionally what life is like. I don’t really venture out, I have very little interaction with people that exist outside of my home, unless one dimensional facebook conversations count. I leave the house on Saturdays to go to the grocery store, and I do smile at the people I pass, and I go to church on Sundays, but trying to have a conversation with anyone while four kids are creating a tornado around you is pretty impossible, also I live in New England, so we are not known to be a sharing bunch. I am going to try and share about the insanity once or twice a week. I hope that I don’t put people off by doing this, but really who cares, I know my mom will like to read about my life, so I will retain one follower at least! I guess that is all the rambling I have for now, my little Lilly just came up and wiped her snot filled nose all over my pants and then sneezed on my screen, so that is a pretty good indicator that I have no more time to type.

How do I end these things? Signing off? Until you Next time? Eewww she sneezed on my hand…..later.